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How to Register Domain in Sri Lanka?

The Internet domain LK, Sri Lanka, is administered by the LK Domain Registry.
This document outlines the procedures for registering a domain name in the lk domain. Further information is available from the following:

Postal Mail:
LK Domain Registry
545/4 De Soysa Road
Sri Lanka.

Tel: +94 11 421 6061, +94 11 421 9124
Fax: +94 11 265 0912 ATTN: Hostmaster

The LK Domain Naming Structure

The types of Domains registered by the LK Domain Registry are:
Top Level Domains
Closed Second Level Domains
Open Second Level Domains

Top Level Domains
The LK domain, in common with many other countries, places most organisations at the 2nd level, immediately to the left of the .lk, irrespective of the type of organisation.

All registrations under the top-level domain ensure that the domain name is blocked in all the open second levels provided the second level domain is available. If they wish to use the open second level domain names in addition to the top level domain, it can be done by configuring DNS entries for the open second level domain, but DNS for both top level and second level should be hosted on the same machine.

Closed Second Level Domains
Certain second level domains are restricted for use by certain kind of users only. The following domains are restricted by the LK Domain Registry.,, and has been allocated to the Government of Sri Lanka. Only Government organisations and Departments are allowed to register under this category. Currently all domains are managed under the purview of Domain Convention Policy of ICTA. Please refer Policy of for further clarification.
There are domains under following categories.
Ministries & Departments -
Provinces -,,,,,,,,
District Secretariat -
Divisional Secretariat -
Municipal Councils -
Urban Councils -
Pradeshiya Sabha -
SL Missions Abroad - - for registered schools in Sri Lanka. For new registrations and modifications of domains please refer
Registrations under and domains are handled directly by the LK Domain Registry. - for licensed Internet Service Providers in Sri Lanka - for International Treaty organizations.
Open Second Level Domains
The following open second level domains are available for registration under the .lk domain. - suggested for commercial organizations - suggested for non-profit organizations - suggested for educational organisations

LK Domain Registry is handling requests for registering open second level domains directly. Registrations under this category are also handled by registered agents of LK Domain Registry.
Registrations and Reservations

Registering a name in the LK domain consists of two steps:
Name Reservation
Name Registration

Why Reservations?
Any organisation within Sri Lanka / outside Sri Lanka can reserve names in the LK domain until they setup their Website/ Mailing Facilities in-house / through an Internet Service Provider.
Domain Registration Procedure

A domain name may be registered as given below. However, the LK domain registry also allows names to be reserved prior to their use.

Name Reservation
A domain name is reserved by submitting the form available from The request for reservation will be evaluated by the panel. Once the panel approves the request, an email will be sent to the requester. Once the email is received by the requester, he/she should send a letter in the official letter head of the requesting organization with the information shown below to the LK Domain Registry accompanied by the payment.
Name of the domain to be reserved.
Name of the organisation.
Relevant Registration number of the organisation.
Reason for choosing this name.
Name, designation, address, telephone, fax and e-mail of the person to contact regarding this domain.
For information on how to make the payment, visit facts at a glance page.
This payment will reserve the name for a period of one year from the first of the month in which the reservation is made, and includes the reservation of the name, inclusion of the name in LKNIC's databases, and a limited number of modifications.
The registration may be renewed at the end of the year.
Name Registration
A domain name is registered by submitting the form available from This should only be done after an Internet connection has been obtained and servers have been configured to handle the domain. There is no additional charge for name registration, if the name has been reserved beforehand. For registration of a new domain name follow the procedure explained in the section above.

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