Thursday, January 31, 2013

Change Nameservers at GoDaddy

A nameserver is similar to a telephone switchboard. It holds the information that tells the Internet where to find your web site and where to deliver your email. Name servers look something like this:

This post explains how to change your name server settings using GoDaddy. If your domain is registered at, you can change the nameservers to point to your web hosting account.

STEP 1 :-  Go to  At the top of the screen enter your Username/Customer# and Password and click Log In.
Change Nameservers at GoDaddy-login

STEP 2 :- After logging in, click the My Account button on the top left.
Change Nameservers at GoDaddy-My Account

STEP 3 :- Next to Products,Domains, select the green Launch button. You will see the domain details in a new tab.
Change Nameservers at GoDaddy-Domain Details

STEP 4 :- Click the check box to the left of the domain you want to update the nameservers for, then select the Nameservers button, and choose Set Nameservers.
Change Nameservers at GoDaddy-Select nameservers button

STEP 5 :- The Set Nameservers menu will come up, select the I have specific nameservers for my domains option, then replace the existing nameservers with the following settings and click the OK button when you are done:
Nameserver 1: 
Nameserver 2:
Change Nameservers at GoDaddy-Select nameservers

STEP 6 :- Click the OK button to confirm message.
Change Nameservers at GoDaddy-Click OK
Congratulations, now you know how to update your Nameservers with godaddy!
Once the Nameservers are changed, please allow up to 24 hours for DNS to propagate and this change to take full effect.


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